*** Wiring diagram to connect your Microsat WX3IN1 Digipeater to your Kenwood TM-281a Tranceiver. ***


Connections to the Kenwood TM-281a consist of a RJ45 microphone jack on the front panel (lower left)
and 1/8" phono external speaker jack on the back panel (lower right).  This cable introduces some impedance
mismatches, but with output levels properly set on the radio, it has been working perfectly for over a year.

The Microsat WX3IN1 uses a 6 conductor mini-DIN to interface with the tranceiver.  When making the cable,
special attention should be given to the pin numbers and connector orientation.  They are easily confused.



When everything is connected, we have achieved best results with the tranceiver volume at 10 o'clock and
squelch set to 1 in the menu.  Your squelch setting may vary depending on local QRM.  You may also use a
Y cable with the speaker output if you want to add an external speaker to 'listen in' on the data stream.

Hope these instructions have been helpful and if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Les Turner, W9LRT

Updated 11/21/2013

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