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August 1, 2020
Ham College 67 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 5
E1E Volunteer examiner program: definitions, qualifications, preparation and administration of exams, accreditation, question pools, documentation requirements. 57:40
July 18, 2020
AmateurLogic 145: Saturday In The Park
We’ve got Summertime outdoor Ham Radio fun. Emile and friends at the W5SLA club do Field Day from a new location. Tommy’s unconventional Field Day. Join George, Tommy, and Ray for Saturday in the park with a great group of new portable antennas. Mike introduces the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino. At this low price, even Emile is impressed. 1:14:58
July 3, 2020
Ham College 66: Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 4
E1D – Amateur space and Earth stations; telemetry and telecommand rules; identification of balloon transmissions; one-way communications. 1:03:10
June 13, 2020
AmateurLogic 144: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is
In this release Tommy builds the neat WB0OEW Ham Clock. Emile discusses hurricane preparedness. George shows the ‘dead bug’ method of construction using a surface mount MAX-232 TTL to RS232 level converter. 1:22:33
May 30, 2020
Ham College 65: Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 3
Rules pertaining to automatic and remote control; band-specific regulations; operating in, and communicating with foreign countries; spurious emission standards; HF modulation index limit; bandwidth definition. 1:02:29
May 16, 2020
AmateurLogic 143: N5BOC Hotspot, Huskylens, Squelch Tapping
Ray Novak, N9JA joins us for the latest information on the Icom IC-705. Tommy demonstrates his favorite new hotspot, the N5BOC Duplex Multiple Mode Digital Voice Modem. George shows how to ‘Tap That Squelch’. Get a Squelch Open signal from a rig to interface with a computer rather than relying on Vox. Great for Echolink, digital mode software and more. Mike explores the Huskylens AI Machine Vision Sensor. 1:30:24
May 2, 2020
Ham College 64: Remote Exams
In this episode of Ham College we get the up to date information on the state of Amateur radio exam remote testing. It’s come much further than we thought. Richard Bateman, KD7BBC from and is on the forefront of implementing the tools necessary to proctor exams over the Internet. 1:16:46
April 11, 2020
AmateurLogic 142: Fading Sidebands, DRM SSTV & OpenWebRX
Do you really know what’s shown in a Spectrum Display? George explains. Visually observing a signal fade. Emile’s DRM SSTV exploration. Mike discovers OpenWebRX is back and more. 1:33:03
March 28, 2020
Ham College 63
Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 2 Station restrictions and special operations: restrictions on station location; general operating restrictions; spurious emissions; antenna structure restrictions; RACES operations 1:03:01
March 14, 2020
AmateurLogic 141: The Great Toilet Paper Famine
RSPDUO Tone and DCS Decoding, Exploring RigPi Deeper, Coronavirus Hoarding, and more. 1:17:39
February 29, 2020
Ham College 62 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 1
Operating Standards: frequency privileges; automatic message forwarding; stations aboard ships or aircraft; power restriction on 630 and 2200 meter bands. 52:49
February 15, 2020
AmateurLogic 140: Old Stuff and New Stuff
George, Tommy and Wayne make nice finds at the Capital City Hamfest. Krewe of Eve Mardi Gras Ball and a tasty treat. Icom IC-705 Quick Preview. New portable QRP antennas. Plus lots more. 1:20:57
February 8, 2020
Ham College 61 - Extra Class Begins
Are you ready for Amateur Extra? Our 1st Extra Class episode. What's on the exam? 01:03:17
January 18, 2020
AmateurLogic 139: Now With 2020 Vision
Just how much faster is the Raspberry Pi 4? Tommy finds out. George has a free remote desktop solution with some unique features. Emile tries Vara Winlink. And Mike ventures into the “Box of Incomplete Dreams” for a QRP Labs WSPR kit. 1:21:07 to start 2020 out logically.
December 28, 2019
HamCollege 60
General Amateur Radio Exam part 31. The final episode covering the General pool. General question pool updates 3 of 3. 01:05:36
December 14, 2019
AmateurLogic 137: Friday 13th Christmas Show
Join the AmateurLogic crew for an entertaining Christmas episode recorded on Friday, Dec. 13th. Emile creates a RMS Packet Gateway. Tommy updates the firmware on his Icom D-Star radios. George sets up and tests the Kasa Smart Plug Mini, an economical WiFi remote controlled power outlet. 1:29 of holiday fun.
December 7, 2019
HamCollege 59
General Amateur Radio Exam part 30. General questions pool updates 2 of 3. 01:03:49
November 16, 2019
AmateurLogic 136: Turkey Fever
It's just about Thanksgiving time here in the US and we'll soon be suffering from Turkey Fever. Tommy's shows how to make an Arduino Frequency Counter. Mike, VE3MIC joins us with a look at the York Region ARC Hamfest. Emile discusses GPS Ham Radio Applications. And as a sheer coincidence, George reviews GPS History and advancements in accuracy, plus decoding US Coast Guard DGPS. We also announce the lucky winner of our MFJ-1234 RigPi Station Server contest. 1:30 of fun designed for your cold weather viewing pleasure.
October 26, 2019
HamCollege 58
General Amateur Radio Exam part 29. General questions pool updates 1 of 3. 01:06:31
October 14, 2019
AmateurLogic 135: Happy 14th Birthday ALTV
October marks the 14th Anniversary of AmateurLogic.TV. We celebrate the event by awarding one lucky viewer an Icom IC-7300 transceiver with all the accessories you need for a complete HF station. Peter’s back for the party with an update on what he’s been up to and details of his Friedrichshofen Germany Hamfest visit. Tommy has tips for easily configuring the MFJ-1234 RigPi Stations Server. Why fatigue your ears unnecessarily? Get the noise out with Emile’s guide to proper RF Gain adjustment. Enjoy quick and friendly HF operation. George has the details on how to combine a HF Transceiver with a SDR Play and MFJ SDR T/R Switch for complementary interaction. 1:49:44

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