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July 14, 2019
AmateurLogic 132: Field Day Down South
Another excellent adventure at Dayton Hamvention. Some of the sights and sounds that make this a very special event. Emile’s WWII Museum PT Boat event. A tour of Mendelson’s Surplus in Dayton. There is no place else like this in the world. 2:23:03
June 29, 2019
HamCollege 54
General Amateur Radio Exam part 25. Logic Gates, more Ohm’s Law, Connectors. 01:11:19
June 16, 2019
AmateurLogic 131: Interesting Things at Hamvention
Another excellent adventure at Dayton Hamvention. Some of the sights and sounds that make this a very special event. Emile’s WWII Museum PT Boat event. A tour of Mendelson’s Surplus in Dayton. There is no place else like this in the world. 2:23:03
June 2, 2019
HamCollege 53
General Amateur Radio Exam part 24. Solid State devices part 2, Standing Waves part 2. 1:03:33
May 12, 2019
AmateurLogic 130: Echolink Pi is Back
George completes the 2019 Echolink Pi/SVXlink project. Tommy discovers an interesting new online SDR. Mike, VE3MIC joins us with a really cool BlueDV-AMBE server project. Plus another Foreign Food taste test, courtesy of Kevin Mitchell, ZL1KFM. 1:23:36
April 28, 2019
HamCollege 52
General Amateur Radio Exam part 23. Solid State devices, Standing Waves. 1:04:40
April 13, 2019
AmateurLogic 129: Peanut Voice Octopus
Tommy demonstrates the free Peanut D-Star app. Emile shows how to use the Raspberry Pi as a voice keyer for his Icom ID-9100. George erects the MFJ Octopus Antenna and details some tips to do it quicker and precise. Plus the usual fun and your viewer email and posts. 1:07:31
March 30, 2019
HamCollege 51
General Amateur Radio Exam part 22. Simple Decibel power calculations. Receivers 1:11:07
March 16, 2019
AmateurLogic 128: Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi
George runs the full Windows 10 Pro (not IOT Core version) on the Raspberry Pi. Emile visits the W5DDL Hamfest in Rayne, LA. Tommy builds an Arduino Battery Monitor/Alert. 1:22:25
March 3, 2019
HamCollege 50
General Amateur Radio Exam part 21. Decibels and Power. S units. Amplifier Classes. 1:09:19
February 16, 2019
AmateurLogic 127: Winter Projects
Emile and the Ozone ARC participate in Winter Field Day. Winter is the perfect time to catch up on projects. Tommy shows how to update the firmware of a DVMega. After six years, George revisits Echolink on the Raspberry Pi. SVXlink part-1. Plus your viewer email. 1:11:25
February 3, 2019
HamCollege 49
General Amateur Radio Exam part 20. More on modulation. Coaxial cable loss explored. 1:07:03
January 13, 2019
AmateurLogic 126: Blue Thumb DV & 1/4 Wave Stubs
Tommy reviews the Blue Thumb DV. George and the crew pull out the test equipment and experiment with 1/4 wave stubs. This live demonstration helps clear up some of the mystery. Mike, VE3MIC sits in for the Cheap Old Man to help keep expenses under control. 1:31:49
January 1, 2019
AmateurLogic 125: Happy New Year
The official unedited version of our almost 4 hour 2018 New Year’s Eve Celebration live stream. An International group of guest help ring in the New Year with tales of the past year in Ham Radio and projects. Plus classic AmateurLogic.TV ‘Half Speed Theater.’ George and Tommy welcome: Mike Morneau, VE3MIC Laird Nigel P Lawrence G0MEJ KG0PL Andy Anderson, KP4AAN Carmen M Centeno Calero, WP4QER Dan Van Evenhoven, N9LVS Amanda Alden, K1DDL Jeff Carrier, K0JDS A cameo appearance by Emile Diodene, KE5QKR. 3:56:45
December 29, 2018
HamCollege 48
General Amateur Radio Exam part 19. Overmodulation and Test Equipment. 1:16:01
December 15, 2018
AmateurLogic 124: 2018 Christmas Special
Part 2 of George’s enhanced DTMF Radio Control and Monitoring project. Tommy’s quick and easy PiStar hot spot build instructions. Emile celebrates Skywarn Appreciation Day. Mike’s back with his Photoshop collection and a holiday ALTV Retrospect. Plus another unexpected AmateurLogic Foreign Food and Beverage Taste Test featuring Moxie Soda, Cap’n Eli’s Blueberry Ale, Haribo Piratos and Cajun Kringle. 2:08:40
December 1, 2018
HamCollege 47
General Amateur Radio Exam part 18. SSB, Speech Processors, ALC and Beverage Antennas. 1:02:27
November 17, 2018
AmateurLogic 123: Turkey Time
Part 1 of George’s DTMF Radio Control project. Tommy with Easy D-Star Programming using CSV files. Emile supports TourDeCure Nawlins. And another AmateurLogic Foreign Food Taste Test featuring Rum Butter from the UK. 1:29:28
October 27, 2018
HamCollege 46
General Amateur Radio Exam part 17. Solar Propagation Effects, Delta Loop and Log Periodic Antennas. 54:28
October 14, 2018
AmateurLogic 122: ALTV’s 13th Anniversary
As one of the first video podcasts period, AmateurLogic.TV celebrates 13 years this month. Tommy builds the SDR Pi. Emile discusses the Internet of Cheap Old Things. George exposes Harmonic Distortion. Jim joins the party and shows us the interesting projects he’s been working on. We announce the winner of our 13th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Sarah Clark, K4EMT will be receiving an Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver, MFJ-4230DMP power supply, Heil Sound iCM microphone and BM-17 headset, MFJ ‘Big Stick’ antenna and RG8X coax, Gordon West amateur license study guide, and a pair of AmateurLogic Faux Gold PL-259 connectors. Thanks to Icom, MFJ, Heil Sound & Gordon West Radio School for making this possible. 1:51:14

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