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February 11, 2018
AmateurLogic 114: What’s New with Martin Jue, K5FLU
Peter’s infrared experiments part 2. Tommy’s Active Antenna. Emile’s HF Loop part 1. George at the Capital City Hamfest with Martin Jue(MFJ) and Will Jourdain(Icom). 1:23:13
January 31, 2018
HamCollege 37
General Amateur Radio Exam part 8. CW Operations, Q-Codes, Inductors, Transformers. 01:06:20
January 13, 2018
AmateurLogic 113: IR CAD Weather Meter
Peter experiments with infrared remote control. Tommy fiddles with Tinkercad. Emile becomes an amateur weather scientist. George tests a variety of components with an ohmmeter. 1:22:57
December 31, 2017
HamCollege 36
General Amateur Radio Exam part 7. More operation discussion. More Impedance questions. 01:13:00
December 9, 2017
AmateurLogic 112: ALTV's Christmas Spectacular
Tommy’s battery power solution for Arduino. Peter wants to make new Hams. George builds the ultimate color ‘Heads Up’ Display. And Mike joins us for some special holiday fun. 1:28:37
November 26, 2017
HamCollege 35
General Amateur Radio Exam part 6. Selecting a frequency. AM, FM and Sideband demonstration. Impedance. 01:08:03
November 11, 2017
AmateurLogic 111: Some Fella with Blue Teeth
Tommy builds a dummy load with a scope sample port. Peter controls an Arduino from his phone with Bluetooth. George experiments with LED current draw. Emile’s got a new tuner. 1:15:01
October 31, 2017
AmateurLogic 110: MFJ’s 45th Anniversary
It’s MFJ Enterprises 45th Anniversary. Join us in this bonus episode of ALTV for Interesting interviews, tours and fun. 1:45:42
October 30, 2017
HamCollege 34
General Amateur Radio Exam part 5. Volunteer Examiners, good operator practices. Reactance demonstration. 01:02:55
October 14, 2017
AmateurLogic 109: ALTV’s 12th Anniversary
Celebrate ALTV’s 12th Anniversary with us. Emile prepares for a spooky Halloween with Sonic Pi. Unveiling the new RigPi. Mike, VE3MIC updates us on recent projects. Icom/MFJ/Heil Sound/AmateurLogic IC-7300 base station giveaway. 1:40:13
September 23, 2017
Ham College 33
Foreign contacts and third party traffic. Series and parallel Inductors. Inductor demonstration. 01:06:39
September 11, 2017
AmateurLogic 108: Huntsville & A Bit of Everything
A little bit of everything. George visits friends at Huntsville Hamfest, Tommy explores Icom’s IP100H IP Handi Talkies, Emile studies ITU Designations, and Peter discusses recent FT8 Updates. 1:25:27
August 27, 2017
Ham College 32
General Amateur Radio Exam part 3. More on the band plans. Series and parallel capacitors. 01:14:17
August 12, 2017
AmateurLogic 107: FT8, Scope Kit, Pi Zero W
Peter operates the new FT8 Digital Mode from Joe Taylor. Tommy builds the DSO138 Scope Kit. George discusses the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Wayne build an Antenna Tripod. 1:24:08
July 30, 2017
Ham College 31
Join Professor Thomas and Dean Martin for part 2 of our studies on the General Amateur Radio Exam. More on the band plans. Series and parallel resistors. 01:16:15
July 16, 2017
AmateurLogic 106: Field Day At The W5JDX Shack
Field Day At The W5JDX and Ozone Shacks. Peter mods his BitX transceiver. Emile at the Jupiter Light House. And an old school Megger. 1:12:41
July 1, 2017
Ham College 30
Ham College begins studies on the General Amateur Radio Exam. Why upgrade? What’s on the test? 01:19:46
June 13, 2017
AmateurLogic 105: George & Tommy’s Excellent Adventure v2.0
George & Tommy’s Excellent Adventure v2.0. Dayton Hamvention 2017 from a new location. We catch up with longtime ALTV friend and new ham, Jeri Ellsworth. Plus visits with many old and new friends, and interesting new products. 2:11:59
May 27, 2017
Ham College episode 29
Safety part 3 and our final episode covering the Technician Exam Questions. Plus tips on taking your exam. 01:00:46
May 15, 2017
AmateurLogic 104: May Day
Peter upgrades his BitX40. Tommy meets Buster D-Star for the Mac. Emile experiments with D-Rats. George tests the MFJ Receiving Loop Antenna. Plus a New Zealand Taste Test. 1:17:38

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