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November 22, 2017
Ham Radio 360: Shopping Show #4 with the entire 360 gang
Happy Thanksgiving! George, Jeremy and John pulled me up to the barn just in time to get a shopping show together for your Holiday Listening pleasure!  Actually, we'd planned this all along-knowing that so many of you enjoy the insight and conversation between friends. This is our 4th Shopping Show and it's always the highlight of our yearly podcasting adventures. While we have a load of fun doing these shows;  it's our hope we can help you make informed choices regarding big and small purchases this Christmas Shopping Season! Handi-talkies, Mobiles, Portables and Packables all get time in this episode along with some insight on budget and starter gear.  There's room for everyone, even if you're still stuffed full of turkey! So, take us along as you brave the crowds for overnight shopping!  Plug us in one ear while you're forced to sit through another lame 3-hour Commercial..I mean Thanksgiving Parade.  Share us with the in-laws, you know they love hearing about your 'weird' radio hobby!  Whatever-just don't miss out on this episode! We're all Thankful for the time you spend with us and truly hope you and your family enjoy the brightest of Seasons! 73 Y'all Cale, George, Jeremy and John Show Notes and Links in order mentioned- Handi-Talkies:    4: 39 ICOM IC-92AD - (discontinued) Wouxun HT (UV1D-UV6D) Yaesu FT-60 Yaesu FT-65 Kenwood TH-6Fa - (discontinued) Yaesu FT-2DR Kenwood TH-d74a Kenwood TH-d72 - (discontinued) Kenwood TH-20ka Wouxun KG-UV8d W7DBO HT Go-Bag EMCOMM & HT Go-Bag Show (fo time rewind) VHF/UHF Mobile Rigs:    23:00 Yaesu FT-8800 (discontinued) Kenwood TM-v71a (*still our pick for best all-around dual-band!*) Tytera MD-8600 (Low Power Small Mobile "fun radio for 100 bucks") ICOM ID-4100 ICOM ID-880H (discontinued) Yaesu FTM-3200 (system fusion) Yaesu FTM-3100 (analog) ICOM ID-5100 BTech UV-25X4 Kenwood TM-d710g Yaesu 8900 Yaesu 7900 Yaesu FTM-450XDR Portable 10' Tripod for field expedient VHF/UHF Antenna Deployment - Mobile HF Radio:     48:41 ICOM IC 7300 ICOM IC 7200 ICOM IC-706MkIIg (discontinued) Elecraft KX3 Kenwood TS-480sat Kenwood TS-480HX ICOM IC 7100 Yaesu 857 Little TarHill II Antenna K4CDN TS850 *For Sale* KJ6VU 7100 Portable Portable/Field Radio Gear:      1:12:30 Elecraft KX2 Elecraft KX3 Yaesu FT 817nd Yaesu FT 991A Yaesu FT 450 Elecraft KXPA (100w amp) Elecraft PX3 (panadapter) Yaesu FT 891 ICOM IC-718 OH8STN (Julian: Survival-Tech-Nord) KB1HQS (Stuart: NPOTA Supreme Champion) Good Finds:     1:35:20 West Mountain Radio Battery Analyzer Wago Wirenut/Connector (big combo pack/best deal) Wago Wirenut/Connector (little combo pack/good deal) Shark RF Open Spot Diamond Discone D220R Gigaparts: Hytera DMR Radios (682 and 382) Airspy Mini Airspy R2 Spyverter R2 Airspy HF+ Alinco DR-135tMkIII Kantronics KPC3 TNC Kenwood TM-281 Kenwood TM-231 (discontinued)  Kenneth Finnegan @KWF  Budget Buys:     1:51:15 (caveat emptor) IC-V8000 IC-7800 Stocking Stuffers:     1:56:10 Power Poles RF Adapters Coax Airspy Mini TYT MD 380 Hot-spot ARRL Handbook Raspberry Pi USB/SoundCard Baofeng 888 Baofeng UV82 N9TAX Roll-Up J-pole Browning BR1035 (NMO mag antenna) Browning BR180 (NMO Dual-band antenna) Arrow J-pole Packtenna Mini Signal-Stuff HT antenna (25% off till Cyber Monday) Goal Zero Light a life mini Goal Zero Luna Heil HTH Headset Help-A-Ham   1:09:53 And if you have anything left over (or maybe even before you begin)  Please consider helping MTC Radio and their Help-a-Ham charity giveaway! You can nominate a Ham Radio Op that is need of some Equipment Help and/or Donate Money to p...
November 21, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench 37- 2017 Christmas Shopping Show
It’s Christmas Season once again and George and Jeremy are back to discuss gift ideas for your workbench! This week, we’re joined by previous guests Nick KN6NK, Rod VA3ON, and Smitty KR6ZY.  This inspiring discussion will give you plenty of ideas for tools, test equipment, supplies, and stocking stuffers to add to your holiday workbench wish list! Twitter Workbench Picture Thread - Double Cross Antenna - Mount Panavise Jr. to an Arm!  - Hand Tools Weller ML100 Magna-Lite Micro Torch $10 Hakko CHP 170 Diagonal Micro Cutters $6 Stainless tweezers (curved, straight) $25 each, or super cheap set ($9) Slotted head ceramic driver/adjustment set ($14) - for tweaking trimpots without shorting stuff out iFixit 64-bit screwdriver kit ($30) Hakko flush cutters ($5) PowerPole crimper ($50) Wiha System 4 Precision Modular screwdrivers Knipex mini Pliers set Of two with Parallel jaws Soldering Tools and Accessories Aoyue soldering iron and  hot air rework station $150 Entry Level Hot Air Rework $75 Aven Circuit Board Holder $12 PanaVise Jr $27 MetCal Soldering PS2E $175 USED MetCal Soldering MX500 $250 How the MetCal works (youtube video) WES-51 or FX-888 soldering iron ($100) TS100 portable iron (requires external DC power) ($50-$80) Hackaday review  Video review Hot-air reflow station ($60) Controleo toaster reflow controller ($109) Tiny desk fan ($20) and solder fume extractor ($25-$50) Solder reel stand ($10-$20) Ceramic floor tile (12”x12” or larger), $1-$2 Workbench Accessories Pluggable USB Microscope $35 Stereo microscope ($190) with 5x/10x, 10x/15x, or 10x/20x Prusa i3 MK3 3D Printer $999 Assembled CNC router ($400+) MillRight CNC Router Kits Laser cutter ($500ish) Storage and Organization Organization/storage tool rack  $11 Global Industrial storage boxes (~$30-$70 per 100 boxes, mine are 4”W x 12”D x 4.5”H) Lift-N-Lok tool box (seem to not be available anymore) Veto Pro Pac Tool bag Mechanics tool drawers (with organizers and Ptouch labels for the OCD crowd) DYMO LabelManager 160 Label Maker $15 AKRO MILS AKRO-MILS Small Parts Bins $30 AKRO-MILS Mixed Parts Bins $30 AKRO-MILS Large Parts Bins $30 Consumables and Supplies Bag of powerpole connectors - 10 pairs for $9.99 free shipping Hatchbox 3D Printing Filament Box o’ Resistors!  $7 USB Cables!  Especially Anker Powerline for anything that is doing power RF Adapters (You use one for a project, and it lives with that project forever.) Snap-on RF Chokes Wire for signals hookup, power transmission RF Coax Cable - LMR400, LMR240, LMR195, etc Lifetime supply of 63/37 solder ($33) (get a smaller spool of thicker solder if doing power connectors Solder braid Heatshrink tubing Glue-lined heatshrink ($12) SMD practice board ($1) Test and Measurement Equipment Elecraft XG3 Signal Generator ( Sweep Gen, Beacon CW and RTTY, Foxhunt Tx) Digilent Analog Discovery II  $279 ( / ) Airspy.US HF+/Airspy R2/Airspy Mini $99-$199 Siglent SDS-1202X-E Oscilloscope Non-contact thermometer ($19) Non-contact voltage probe ($19) Socket tester ($9) Component tester ($15) LC meter ($25) Frequency counter ($17) Bus Pirate ($28) 8ch 24MHz logic analyzer, works with Sigrok ($14) Saleae mixed-signal analyzers, ($110-$600) Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope ($400)
November 7, 2017
Ham Radio Workbench: 36 Build Projects, Pacificon, G8BBC (Junk Drawer vol 1)
The Junk Drawer - a random collection of useful and invaluable items.  This week George and Jeremy bring you a veritable hodge podge of exciting ham radio content!  PowerFilm Solar shares an exclusive offer for HamRadio360 listeners.  George gives a preview of progress on build projects.  He then shares interviews with SteppIR, Flex Radio, and Novexcomm from Pacificon.  Our friends at the ICQ Podcast share an exciting announcement about G8BBC, the official BBC Ham Radio Station. Exclusive 10% discount onPowerfilm Solar 30 watt panel (Promo code is HamRadio on Amazon) - apply at checkout (Expires Dec 7, 2017)! SDR Touch for Android - EveryCircuit for Android - RF Analyzer for Android - Elecktor article on Android function generator EveryCircuit for iOS Airspy HF+ - Airspy - SDR# / SpyServer Changelog - SpyServer Directory - Flex Radio - SteppIR Urban Beam - NovexComm Radio Mounts - G8BBC - ICQ Podcast
October 24, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench 35 Packet Radio
Continuing the discussion of digital technologies in Ham Radio, George and Jeremy invite Kenneth Finnegan W6KWF back to do a very deep dive on Packet Radio, AX.25, and KISS modes. We talk TNCs, equipment, and practical applications of Packet Radio this week on The Workbench. Kenneth Finnegan - MMDVM Zumboard - DStar Registration - DMR Registration - New Elecraft AX1 Antenna - https://va2sscom/2017/10/19/elecraft-ax1-ultraportable-1720-meter-antenna-system/ Pacificon - Microwave Update 2017 - Sierra Radio Systems - Motrolla CDM1250 - Motrola CDM1550 - eMMC to SD Card adapter - Raspberry Pi Compute Module - https://www.raspberrypiorg/products/compute-module-3/ TAPR - Bell 202 Modem - TNC - Nationwide Packet Network of BBS - AMPRNet - AX.25 - TNC-X Raspberry Pi - Kantronics TNCs - Soundcard Packet - Direwolf - http://info.aprsnet/index.php?title=Dire_Wolf AGWPE - UZ7HO Soundcard Modems - OSI Model - AFSK - HDLC - KISS - Outpost Software - Alinco - Ham Radio 360, APRS Episodes: All About APRS with KWF APRS Follow-up: Listener Q&A with KWF
October 10, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench 34 – Digital Mode Roundtable
This week George and Jeremy host a roundtable discussing the differences and similarities between some of the most popular digital voice communication modes available to amateurs today. They are joined by Rod Hardman VA3ON (DMR), Rich Timpa KC6OBJ (DStar), David Ranch KI6ZHD (Yaesu System Fusion), and Randy Neals W3RWN (Allstar). In this conversation opinions and facts are explored about the benefits and potential of each of these digital modes of communication. KF7IJZ / KJ6VU / KR6ZY / W6KWF Eagle Board Layout Video - Modes All Star - DMR - DSTAR - Yaesu System Fusion - Radios DMR - Tytera MD380 UHF - DMR - Tytera MD9600 Mobile - DMR - Hytera (Commercial Quality) - DSTAR - ID-51 Plus 2 Handheld - DSTAR - ID-4100 Mobile - DSTAR - IC-7100 Mobile HF w/ DSTAR - Yaesu System Fusion HT - FT-2DR - Yaesu System Fusion Mobile - FTM-100DR - Digital Mode Hotspots DVMEGA (DMR, Fusion, DSTAR) - MMDVM ZUMSpot (DMR, Fusion, DSTAR) - SharkRF Open Spot (DMR, Fusion, DSTAR) - All Star Micro Node - New ICOM SDR(?) IC-9700 144/440/1200 Radio - DSTAR HF Coordination -  
September 26, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench- 33 Hacking the Bit-X 40
The BITX40 is a $60 Arduino controlled 7 watt QRP SSB 40 meter transceiver designed and built by Ashar Farhan VU2ESE.  They are available as a “kit” from .  The assembly only involves soldering wires for things like speakers, power, and microphones and also finding a suitable case.  We originally spoke about the BITX40 back in Episode 26 Mark “Smitty” Smith KR6ZY is back with us again to share with us the modifications and upgrades he’s made to the original BITX40 over the summer.  In this episode, we discuss adding upper sideband capabilities, adding an IF shift, and even multibanding the radio!  Smitty shares lots of great resources and ideas in this episode of the Workbench. Smitty KR6ZY can be found online on twitter @smittyhalibut ( and on YouTube at Cale K4CDN is taking a much deserved break for the rest of the year! Workbench Autodesk Eagle board layout tutorial with KF7IJZ, KJ6VU, W6KWF, and KR6ZY - OSHPark Board Manufacturer - ESP01 / ESP8266 ESP Libraries Source Arduino IDE - ESP8266 in Arduino - Teensy - ARRL HF Data Rates - Hardware random number generator - RTL-SDR v3 with Direct Sampling - QRP Labs Filter Kits LPFs: BPFs: HF BPF 10-band Set - D-STAR QSO Party - Silicon Dust HDHomeRun OTA TV to IP Box - Smitty’s BITX40 Intro Video - BITX40 Mods - BitX Hacks - Raduino Software - Allard’s Software - Software upgrades Make it do CW USB and LSB (for digital) - Front panel and case - https://www.banggo  
September 19, 2017
Ham Radio 360: Lessons from Irma and My Vacation
It's doubtful that you haven't been affected by the recent hurricanes, no matter where you reside.  Here in the Upstate of South Carolina-we were indeed touched by Irma and in this episode of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast, I share some of my lessons learned. Following that, I break the news that as of this episode, #87, I will be taking a much needed vacation from the Podcast grind.  The Workbench and Field Radio Podcast will stay on schedule-but HR360 is hanging up the vacation sign and going away for a bit.  3+ years of creating content and full-on engagement has taken a toll on my balance of life so I've decided to step away, with a potential return in January 2018.  A big thanks to all who helped take a 'joke' and turn into 'something'! The recent storms seemed to reignite the ever-smoldering embers of Ham Radio's place in EMCOMM.  No surprise to see the many hams out in force debating the relevance of Amateur Radio in an Emergency.  Since we've never settled the no-code or Chi-com debates....what's another to continue to divide the community--I guess we really are a reflection of society after all! Just a few days after Irma brought strong winds and heavy rain to the farm, I took my seat at the front of the room for the local ARES meeting.  I believe that communications is King (especially in today's tech-centric world)!  I also believe that Amateur Radio should have a place in the local communications response to emergent situations or times of duress.  Finally, I believe that Ham Radio will NOT save the world; but it is a great tool to have if and when something goes wrong. period.  A few months ago the local ARES-EC asked me to help get the ball rolling here in Spartanburg County, SC.  We'll see what happens, right now it's trending positive.  The upcoming GridEX Exercise will be a stretch for our group-but I think we'll weather it well. The last 86+ episodes have offered many solutions to EMCOMM issues as well as introducing many aspects of the Hobby that some of us have never heard mentioned on the local 2m repeater.  If you are a new listener, I invite you to page back through our catalog of shows, pick something you're interested in and give it a spin.  If you've been here a while, thanks for sticking around! Thanks again for listening! 73 Y'all, Cale/K4CDN  Show Mentions and Links HamRadio Spartanburg-ARES GridEX IV-November 15th 2017 (PDF) Spaghetti Models- Mikes Weather Page Field Radio Podcast- You Need the Feed!  
September 12, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench -32 GPS Disciplined Oscillators and Frequency References
Curious about what the “10 MHz” connector on the back of your test equipment is?  Interested in calibrating an SDR to reduce tuning error?  Do you want an accurate frequency source for tuning radios?  How about a super accurate sense of what time it is?  This week, Dr. Frank Howell K4FMH joins Jeremy and George to talk about GPS Disciplined Oscillators and Frequency References for your workbench..   News Hurricane Watch Net - Icom IC-9700 - Circuit Board Printer - Voltera - Circuit Board Printer - BotFactory -   Workbench KF7IJZ’s Workbench Remote Airspy Server w/ ASUS Tinkerboard Airspy SDR Receivers Airspy R2 - 24Mhz - 1.8Ghz 10Mhz Bandwidth SDR Receiver - $169 - Airspy Mini - 24Mhz - 1.8Ghz 6Mhz Bandwidth SDR Receiver - $99 - SpyVerter HF Converter - $49 - ASUS Tinkerboard I Used a Tinkerboard because I had one, but I would recommend an ODroid device instead - Tinkerboard Hardware - Tinkboard Linaro Linux Distro available on that page under Downloads Armbian Distro for Tinkerboard - Good review of Tinkerboard - Software Spyserver for ARM 32 Bit - Airspy on ARM Instructions (do this first) - Arduino MIDI Mute Button Hardware Adafruit Pro Trinket 5V - Adafruit 24mm LED Arcade Buttons - Adafruit MIDI Jack - Arduino MIDI Wirting and Communication Guide - Use “Debounce” Example code from Arduino IDE Arduino MIDI Message Guide (code is deprecated, but message formats are relevant)- http://little-scale.blogspotcom/2011/08/simple-examples-of-sending-midi-data.html Eagle Best Practices 1/16” Margin around the edge of the board Avoid acute angles on circuit traces Vias should be at least 0.04” in size Traces should be at least 0.03” in size Keep good space between signal lines and ground planes/traces Other Links Perseus SDR - SDR Console Software - RF Space - Cloud SDR - SDR# Tuner from Mouse -   KJ6VU’s Workbench RIDGID Toolbox for KX3 Project - BBC Micro:Bit -   K4FMH’s Workbench Trimble based GPS GPSDO 10Mhz / 1PPS Clock - PCTEL GPS (L1) 26dB Timing Antenna Kit - Six Output Video Distribution Amplifier - Sigma Electronics VDA-100A -
September 5, 2017
Ham Radio 360: FSQ, Linux & YouTube with Kevin, KB9RLW
I was introduced to Kevin, KB9RLW, by my friend Julian OH8STN and his postings on Instagram/Twitter.  A few months back FSQ was a 'new' mode and some were excitedly giving it a go.  Julian had posted a link to a video on FSQ and it I knew this was a mode I was very interested in learning about!  Enter the 'Old Tech Guy' on Youtube and here we are! Kevin and I set about determining the compatibility of schedules and just last week we were able to connect via a wonky Skype call and get this information together for you.  While we do spend some time discussing the FSQ mode, I also discovered Kevin is a die-hard Linux user.  Kevin fills us in on his Linux use for Ham Radio and his YouTube Channel creations. *I've noted on the socials a few times last week that I did indeed mispronounce the insanely popular digital mode FT8; for whatever reason I referred to it as JT8 four different times in this show. **Additionally, I have utilized the FSQ mode since recording this conversation with what I'd consider Success!  I can foresee this mode becoming a go-to for my friends and I locally on HF and VHF. KB9RLW on YouTube Notes and Mentions: FLDigi Software FSQCall Software Kevin KB9RLW Youtube Channel Linux in the Hamshack Podcast OH8STN Everything Ham Radio   Hey Patrons! thanks for listening Y'all, 73 K4CDN
August 29, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench 31 – The Field Radio Maker with John, W7DBO
This week, Jeremy is back and he’s brought along John Jacobs, W7DBO, host of the new Field Radio Podcast!  John introduces his show and talks about the skills that he uses as a maker to build field portable gear including design and 3D Printing.   Airspy Mini Software Defined Radio - MPD Digital Custom Coax Cables - Pine64 Rock 64 Single Board Computer - Times Microwave Coax Loss Calculator - Spyserver on Pi (or ODROID or Tinker Board)- HamRadio360 - ADS-B with Nick KK6LHR - NOAA Weather Satellites Double Cross Antenna - Wideband Preamp - NOAA Preamp/Filter - Weather Satellite Image Decoding WXTOIMAGE, - Orbitron Satellite Tracker - John Jacobs’ Website - W7DBO VHF/UHF Build VIdeo - Field Radio Podcast You Tube Channel - LED Power Pole Tester - Comms to Go - Wago Connectors - DROK Power Meter - Tenergy Power Meter - Tinkercad - Free online design tool - Thingiverse - Why reinvent the wheel? - Simplify 3D - Slicing Tool - OctoPrint - Raspberry Pi Print Server - Monoprice Maker Select Plus V2 Printer - Monthly 3D Geek Box - Fox Smart - Cheaper Filament -  
August 22, 2017
Ham Radio 360: Extra Class Upgrade with W4EDF
Ed Bradshaw (W4EDF) recently upgraded his Ham Radio ticket to Extra Class and he wants you to know-You Can Too! Former show guest and current Kenwood TS480 owner, Ed decided he wanted a bigger slice of the pie and set his sights on passing the Extra Class Exam.  Having put a great deal of effort into his studies and methods, Ed offered to come on the show to share what worked for him in hopes that you (and I) would get ourselves motivated to study-and Pass! Question pool: ARRL Link ARRL Extra Class License Manual, 11th edition Gordon West, WB6NOA, 2016-2020 Extra Class FCC Element 4 Ham Extra by James Thomas Ham Study (Signal Stuff) QRZ Practice Tests ARRL Find an exam ARRL What to bring Dave Casler YouTube Extra playlist - Here Alan Wolke, W2AEW YouTube Must watch: Here W4EDF: Previous Show Appearance #37 Others Recommend these Books/Aides: K4IA Pass, the Easy Way KB6NU No Non Sense Guide Extra Flash Cards Videos Mentioned in the show: and Thanks Rob Lindsay for becoming my newest monthly Patron! Thanks for listen!!! 73 Y'all, Cale
August 15, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench- 30 Remote Operations
This week on the Ham Radio 360 Workbench Podcast George is joined by Michael VA3MW to deep dive on remotely operating your station from just about anywhere you have internet access. George also breaks down his new KX3 Portable Enclosure and discusses the wiring and placement of equipment. Unfortunately Jeremy experienced severe technical difficulties and was unable to join the call. Wago 221 lever connector blocks-tech specs./mfg site Wago 221 kit at Amazon Flex Radio Systems PST Rotator AZ Elecraft W2 watt meter Remote QTH control systems TX Factor   ht N4MN Reminder to enter for a chance to win a Powerfilm 30 Watt Portable Solar panel - perfect for your next QRP portable operation! to enter! Don't forget to order your BitX40 7 W QRP Transceiver kit today! -
August 8, 2017
Ham Radio 360: Author and Amateur Don Keith N4KC
Don Keith is a long time Ham Radio Operator who combined his love of RF and conversation into a writing career that spans nearly 40 titles.  He joins me on this episode of the Ham Radio 360 podcast to talk about his latest novel- Dial Dancing, some his other titles, copying 35 wpm CW, and more! Don went all the way, in an effort to encapsulate the entire spectrum of ham radio magics with the sub-title of his latest work! Dial Dancing..... Link to Don's Books on Amazon It's always fun to chat with another 'radio' guy, especially those who can stay one step ahead!  I hope you enjoy our conversation!  73 Y'all!   A big thanks to my latest Patrons! Are you getting the HR360 Weekly Update?  Sign-up Here!  
August 1, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench- 29 Our Summer Workbench Projects
This week on the Ham Radio 360 Workbench Podcast, George and Jeremy discuss their summer workbench projects.  George has been busy trying to build the ultimate portable Field Day setup around his Elecraft KX3. Jeremy has been busy learning more about Software Defined Radios with Airspy devices and accessories and using SpyServer software to remotely stream RF data over his network. Show Notes and Mentions: PowerFilm 30W Foldable Solar Panel Giveaway - Elecraft KX3 QRP Transceiver - Elecraft PX3 Panadapter - Elecraft KXPA100 Amplifier - Airspy Mini - Airspy R2 - Airspy Spyverter - SDR Sharp and SpyServer Downloads - Powerfilm Solar 60W Foldable Panel - Buddipole PowerMini solar charge controller -
July 25, 2017
Ham Radio 360: Fox Hunting (Transmitter & Bunnies too)
Larry Jacobs, WA7ZBO, is my guest this time on the Ham Radio 360 Podcast.  Larry is a long time Transmitter Hunter who offered to help me understand what is involved in Fox Hunting aka Bunny Hunting. From the premise of the hunt to the gear involved- the in's and out's and best practices, Larry shares his experiences of almost 50 years! in a show 'first' Larry produced this Bonus Video to help further describe the equipment and theory of use mentioned in this episode! (links and further mentions listed below) Bonus Video! Book: Worlds Best Hobby-Dave Bell SoCal Transmitter Hunting ARDF  Homing PiCon from Byonics Book: Transmitter Hunting- J.D. Moell Tape Measure Yagi- KB9VBR CCARS Instructables OSCAR-6 Arrow 4 MHz. Offset Fox Hunt Attenuator SDR-Direction Finding VK3YNG Sniffer 4 ______ TMR Scouting Special Event: Will be operating an anniversary celebration station, W2T, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Ten Mile River Scout Reservation (known as TMR in the Scouting world) in Narrowsburg NY, August 4th through 6th from the camp.  More info can be found at and their QRZ page ______ HR360 Mention on RTL-SDR Blog _____ Thank you for listening to and supporting Ham Radio 360! Cale/K4CDN
July 18, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench 28 Microwave and Ham Radio
This week, George and Jeremy talk with Brian Yee, W6BY, about building and operating ham radio gear for the microwave bands. There is a surprising amount of activity in the microwave spectrum and getting on the air is easier than you might think. Sign up for the Power Film Solar 30 watt solar panel give away contest: Micro:Bit Microcontroller platform Order your BitX 40 QRP 40M radio kit - The perfect Ham Radio Computer?  The Asus Transformer Mini T102HA - Brian Yee W6BY presents “Amateur Radio in the Bands Above 1 GHz” at BayCon 2017 Brian works on an old earth station written up in CQ VHF Brian Yee W6BY on microwave comms for ham radio – YouTube Microwave Update 2017 – Santa Clara California, October 26-29 Down East Microwave Khune Electronic Microwave Components Paul K1GHZ Microwave kits 50 MHz and Up Group – Northern California San Bernardino Microwave Society SBMS George’s Blog - Bay Net - George does a webinar about designing the Workbench power management PCB project    
July 11, 2017
Ham Radio 360: Field Radio Podcast Intro & Scouts on the air
New Podcast Alert! This week on the Ham Radio 360 Show we discuss his upcoming Field Radio Podcast launch with John Jacobs (W7BDO)!  The Field Radio Podcast is set to premiere this Thursday (July 13 2017) on your favorite podcast player! The Field Radio Podcast is dedicated to exploring the amateur radio hobby through the lens of getting you and your gear outdoors. Your host, John W7DBO, will explore what gear works best, how to deploy in the field, and most importantly how to have fun! The podcast will also explore what you can do with your gear once deployed; Including emergency communications, contesting, event support, and of course Field Day. Subscribe On Android Find In iTunes @fieldradiopod on Twitter fieldradiopodcast on Facebook Field Radio Podcast RSS Feed *** Field Radio Podcast on Youtube John's email contact here Field Radio Podcast Show Discussion in the HR360 Forums ____________________________________________ Getting Scouts On the Air! Following the new show announcement I'm joined by Jim Wilson K5ND to discuss Ham Radio and it's long history with Scouting around the World!  The Scouts 60th Annual Jamboree on the Air is coming up in October (20-22)! What a Great Way to share the Magic of Ham Radio- Jamboree on the Air Guidelines for Amateur Radio Operators Jamboree on the Air Event Tips ScoutLink info for Jamboree on the Internet Upcoming Jamboree Info July 15-28 2017 You can also find lots more information on for Radio Merit Badge, etc... ____________________________ Thank you to my show Patrons!---if you're interested click below! _____________________________     Thank you for listening to and sharing the show! 73 Y'all K4CDN!
July 4, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench- 27 Field Day After Action Report
This week, George and Jeremy take a look back at Field Day 2017 and the things that we made to make it a great one. We also spend some time with Jason K6DGN to talk about his USB HT Battery Charger and some of his other interests. Order your BitX 40 QRP 40M radio kit - The perfect Ham Radio Computer?  The Asus Transformer Mini T102HA - Dewalt TSTAK boxes - Making your own external HT battery pack by Jason K6DGN - Yeeco 5V to 12V Regulator - K6DGN’s YouTube Channel - RC Flight and Amateur Radio with K6DGN on the Everything Ham Radio Podcast - George’s Blog - Ohio Valley Experimenters Club - Bay Net -  
June 27, 2017
Ham Radio 360: 13 Colonies Special Event and recent appearances
A few weeks back in our Facebook Group, Curtis Williamson (W4HCW) mentioned he'd like to hear me do a show about the 13 Colonies Special Event.  I connected with Bob, ND7J, the webmaster for the event as well as an event operator from the state of North Carolina. I feature our conversation in this episode of HamRadio 360. The 13 Colonies Special Event is held during Independence Weekend each July and began in 2009, as a 'One Time' event.  After logging over 12,000 contacts with just 13 operators, it's founder Ken, KU2US, discovered he was onto something.  Since it's inception the event has grown exponentially with many more state operators and a network of help that spans the globe. This is one of my favorite contests to participate in each year!  Thanks to Bob for coming on to help us learn more, and I hope you all get a chance to participate and get a clean sweep!  To learn more about the Event, Logging, Certificates and more visit the 13 Colonies Special Event page at _______ (28:30) Recently, my friend and fellow podcaster Glenn Hebert, asked if I'd join him on his Live, Daily Podcast: Horses in the Morning.  Every once in a while Glenn produces a Non-Horsey show, and I was pleased to be invited.  Segment 3 of this episode features that quick conversation as I try to explain Ham Radio in less than 7 minutes :) _______ (37:15) Hap Holly,  KC9RP, has been producing The Rain Report since the 1980's.  “From his home studio/ham shack in suburban Chicago, Hap Holly, KC9RP, produces this 10 to 15- minute weekly amateur radio program service, featuring timely interviews, occasional thought-provoking commentaries from other hams, excerpts from Hamvention Forums and other items of general interest to the ham radio community at large." The Rain Report can be heard on some local repeaters around the US as well as on-line and in your podcast player.  Hap and I caught up via Skype back before Hamvention, and he's recently released our conversation that I share here in segment 4.  I appreciate the continued effort of Hap and his dedicated support staff as they work to bring us The Rain Report.  You can find The Rain Report at the _______ Show Notes and Mentions The Devil of a Whipping- A favorite novel of mine Culpepper Flag Randy KB3IHF QSL Cards & more DX Summit: Cluster N3FJP Logging Horses in the Morning The Rain Report **Bonus Show Content: Roswell Crash Special Event Info PVARC Y'all have a Great Week! 73, Cale-K4CDN
June 20, 2017
Ham Radio: Workbench 26 The BITX40 Transceiver-an Introduction
This week on the Workbench Podcast; Smitty KR6ZY joins George and Jeremy to talk the BitX40. The BITX40 is a popular $60 40M 7W SSB transceiver "kit" available from .  Smitty gives a great general introduction on the radio, its capabilities, and its opportunities.  We encourage our listeners to order theirs now as we will be doing a series of segments over the next few episodes to highlight opportunities for this little radio! Antenna Analyzer Boards - Here with less than 50 now in stock Posted rev 1.0 of the Power Board firmware by Ed W6ELA on Interview on 3D Printing Today - 191_3DPrinting_Today SDR - AirSpy - SDRSharp - Software Links Diamond D220R - Discone Antenna FM Broadcast Band Filter - Broadcast FM Block Filter (88 - 108 MHz Block) by RTL-SDR Blog - AM Broadcast Band Filter - Broadcast AM Reject High Pass Filter (2.6 MHz HPF) by RTL-SDR Blog ADSB Filter - Lego Saturn V - sold out from LEGO, available on Amazon for an additional $100+ :( BitX40 - KR6ZY's Intro to the BitX40 Video - BitX40 Hacking Blog - BitX40 Community - Solder Smoke Podcast - Solder Smoke - Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics Upcoming Webinar from Autodesk featuring George, KJ6VU When Everything Hits The Fan - DC Power Management Design for Emergency Applications

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